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Kenora, Ontario
Tell your friends to tell their friends - Kenora's having a Pride Celebration this summer! 
5th-Jul-2006 12:46 pm
A friend of mine had the brilliant idea to organize a Pride Celebration for Kenora this summer. It will be taking place over Harbourfest weekend with events every day, ending with a Pride Parade. For anyone who wants to celebrate pride and who believes in equal rights - this is a chance for all of us to celebrate who we are without any judgment!

This is the letter that Dusty sent to the City for approval of the project:


Dear City of Kenora and Mr. Mayor,

I am writing this letter on behalf of myself and all of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, two spirited and recognized minorities of Kenora and all of Northwestern Ontario. I would like the opportunity to be able to express my views and allow the surrounding communities to see the cause that we are presenting to you.

As you may know, every major city worldwide celebrates a day to recognize the pride of all the gay/lesbian people and other minorities. It is a time where everyone can come together and truly be able to express themselves without prejudice and educate the community on all different individuals that are among us.

I am interested in having a Pride Celebration that will not only be able to help minorities be expressive but also to provide knowledge and understanding to this city and area so that there will be a chance for equal acceptance.

During the summer months, there is a large amount of tourists and travelers throughout Canada that come to Kenora to see the great city we have and the wonderful community we have built. I am interested in having a parade, as most cities do, that will travel through downtown and shed light on the many minorities our area has. It will consist of a beginning ceremony that will have guest speakers talking about issues that this country has and also the many obstacles we have overcome. Once this concludes, a peaceful walk through the downtown area will consist with all different individuals expressing themselves and showing their pride.

I understand that Kenora has never had such an event happen and do realize the details involved in organizing such an event. I would gladly make arrangements with the local police to ensure no Pride Individual is injured and also to make sure that the march does not turn into any type of protest. These type of events are designed to enlighten community members on the different groups of people in the area while also raising funds for awareness and continued prosperity.

I believe that this will not only attract people but also inform people on the reality of what the real world is about. I know that Kenora is an open minded community with a lot of heart and I think that an event like this can truly inspire a whole new mind frame for those who are unaware.

Last weekend Winnipeg held their 20th annual Pride Festival which was a huge success. I was an active volunteer and saw the success that the city had. In 20 years of festivals, there has never been any violence or negative publicity for the city. It has always been a time that the community has been brought together and people have had a chance to accept one another and share peace. I do believe that we are ready for such an event.

I would plan a social the evening before with all proceeds going to community awareness and local charities and the next afternoon would consist of a local rally that would attract all types of individuals amongst us to express themselves and show their true pride.

I do have several details worked out but would like to speak with you further to discuss this great opportunity. Hopefully you will see this as a positive step towards a prosperous future and be cooperative with putting all necessary wheels in motion.

I look forward to working with the City of Kenora and believe this can be a start of a very diverse future. Thank you in advanced and Happy Pride to Everyone!

Respectfully Submitted,

Dusty Snyder
Pride Chairman and GLBT Representative


We are, of course, looking for volunteers to help organize, set up, tear down, etc. as well as anyone interested in marching in the Parade with us. If anyone is interested in helping out with the Pride Celebration, or even if you just have a few ideas or tips for this sort of event - leave a comment or email me at catherine_toovey@yahoo.ca.
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