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Kenora, Ontario
8th-Jan-2006 12:21 am - PETA
Anyone hear about a PETA sign up trying too get people to not fish?

Anyone know where it is up at, or been out to take a picture of it?
18th-Nov-2005 11:36 pm(no subject)
Excited about coming home.
Home home home.
22nd-Aug-2005 03:43 pm(no subject)
Has anyone here ever gotten a document notarized in Kenora? I need to get it done for less than 25 dollars(considering it would be cheaper to just order the original). I've tried calling a few lawyer's offices and most of them charge 25 dollars..one even said 75-100, what the fuck. And apparently no one does it at the City of Kenora or the Sheriff's office, even though every single person that I've asked has told me that they both do it. :/
PLEEEEEEASE help me! I'm going insane trying to find someone to sign a damn piece of paper!
4th-Aug-2005 12:06 pm(no subject)

This makes me very very sad. I can't imagine such a huge change but at the same time I know it would be so beneficial to us...
1st-Aug-2005 11:31 pm - Abitibi Consoldiated R.I.P.
Well thats that, no more Abitibi in Kenora. Farewell to hundreds of jobs around the city. My mom worked there too, as payroll clerk, for 28 years. There's hope, however that one of the paper machines will be left open and she can continue working. Regardless, the mill will definatley be shut down completely for eight months and it might be better for our family to move to Winnipeg.

Oh yeah, to all you mill workers that didn't tell your significant others about the mill's problems, you should be lucky if they're still with you. Fools.
3rd-Jul-2005 01:24 am - Hi!
happy leaving work
I'm not sure why I haven't searched interests for "kenora" before, but I haven't. But now I have and here's where I ended up.

Not sure if I know anyone here or not. My name's Erin, I went to BBSS but that feels like forever ago (but it's really only been a couple of years). Anyways, just thought I should introduce myself somewhat.

Take a minute out of your day to put in your name and email address, and send a message to our local MP and Paul Martin.

July 1st is International White Band Day. If you believe in ending world poverty and inequality, wear a white band on July 1st in support of the Make Poverty History Campaign.

Wear it as a ribbon,
Wear it as a band,
Tie it in your hair,
Tie it on your hand.
25th-Jun-2005 10:02 pm - wander colorful lights
The northern lights are out and really noticeable bye the grave yard.
i recommend u guys take a look me and my firends really enjoyed the sight.
14th-Jun-2005 02:25 am(no subject)
I feel that everyone should know...


Try and hold onto your jealousy. ;)

In other news, who's playing Harbourfest?
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